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French Riviera Travel Consultation

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Planning a trip to the French Riviera but confused by the many possibilities? I'd be happy to help you sort it all out. (Remember, I live here!) I can offer you an itinerary that works, help you with all your bookings, recommend hotels and sights and develop a holiday for all sorts of special interests from scuba diving to rock climbing, fishing, and spas. Or, I can make sure you have the honeymoon of your dreams!

Looking for a small, special hotel or private residence? I can help. Need to know the best party places on the French Riviera? I've been there, done that. Maybe you'd like to stray off the beaten track to places only locals know about? I'll be happy to share all my secret places.

My fee is US$99 per hour or $55 for 30 minutes which is the minimum. Your consultation could take place either by phone or email.

You could spend hours sorting through the internet, questioning travel agents who have only been here once or twice or go directly to the expert!  

with the general nature of your inquiry and I'll give you a free estimate. Soon you'll have all the information you need to make your Riviera vacation unforgettable.

Use your credit card to pay via PayPal. It's fast, easy and secure. All payments are encrypted for your protection.

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