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Transport on the French Riviera


Nice Train Station


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There are several options for getting around the French Riviera. Transportation needn't bust your budget or chew up your holiday. Usually the most sensible choice is to use a combination of public transportation and driving. Here are your options:

Driving on the French Riviera

The advantage of driving the Cote d'Azur is your ability to get into the countryside and to out of the way places. Nothing beats a car for flexibility but traffic and parking can be a serious headache. More.

Trains on the French Riviera

Trains can be a great way to get from one coastal town to another and there are even some trains that go into the mountains. The disadvantage is the amount of strikes that can cripple the network More.

Buses on the French Riviera

The regional bus system is excellent, particularly along the coast. From the coast to hinterland villages, buses are less frequent. In an attempt to relieve more or less permanent traffic congestion, regional authorities have made buses unbelievably cheap. More.

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