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Train Travel on the French Riviera

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The railway network that serves the Cote d'Azur functions as both a means of transportation and a way to discover the region's sights. Scenic trains include the Train des Merveilles and the Train des Pignes. See a map of the French Riviera railway network. Other transport on the French Riviera is handled by the SNCF. The SNCF is France's national rail carrier, handling nearly all rail services within France, including the TGV (train a grande vitesse).

Trains to the French Riviera

The French Riviera is well-served by train connections to other major destinations in France, less so to neighbouring countries. More.

Trains Around the French Riviera

This division of SNCF handles regional services and the scenic Train des Merveilles which links Nice and Tende summer weekends. It's a lovely journey and a multilingual guide comments on the surroundings.

The main transportation lines you will use to get around the coast include:

Train des Pignes

The Chemin de Fer de Provence handles the popular and scenic Nice to Digne train, the Train des Pignes, that links the coast and the mountains. In the summer, this company runs the famous steam engine that makes a circuit from Puget-Theniers to Annot or Entrevaux on summer weekends. Find out more about the Train des Pignes.


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