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Budget Tips


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Affordable travel on the French Riviera is possible even though the region is not known as a cheap destination. You can save money on your Riviera holiday by following these simple tips:

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Stay in Nice
There's a tremendous amount of accommodation in Nice, including a wide assortment of hostels. Many of the "hostels" are actually cheap hotels that offer clean, comfortable rooms, sometimes with en suite facilities. More.

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Rent a Holiday Apartment
It's great for families and small groups but anyone can appreciate the savings. You need to rent by the week but the rates are much cheaper than hotels. Plus, you can cook your own food thus saving on meals.


Splurge on Fine Dining for Lunch
If your heart is set on sampling one of the Riviera's best restaurants but you shudder at the prices, indulge your passion at lunch. Nearly all of the region's great chefs give a break to frugal gourmets at lunch, offering fixed-price menus at a third of their dinnertime counterparts.

Use Public Transport
Rent a car for a day or two for the scenic drives but to visit towns along the Riviera coast, nothing is cheaper or easier than a train or bus. See more on getting around the Riviera.

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